The proclamation of the Gospel to every tribe and tongue unto the completion of the Great Commission has been in the heart of God for all time, but now is the day in which we are watching it unfold. As we apply our best efforts to the completion of this beautiful task, we find ourselves often echoing Hudson Taylor’s words to his mother in a letter he sent from the interior of China in 1874:

“I am now in the act of arranging for the eventual opening up
of the whole of this province to the Gospel as the Lord gives us
men, open doors, and means. Pray for these three things.”

The FAI family is on the front end of a new season of daunting expansion territorially. We are seeing open doors open in countries and areas that we have thought and prayed about for years. As we pursue these open doors we are trusting God for the financial means to take full advantage of every opportunity.


A Partner with FAI is a person or organization that knows that they are playing a powerful part in the realization of the deep desire in the heart of God to “lay foundations where there are none”, that is, to use any means necessary to bring the Gospel to anywhere that it is not. A partner is someone that the Lord has called to labor in the Gospel and/or serve in the workplace at home while contributing financially to the advancement of the Gospel overseas.


We believe that God is putting together a global family of like-hearted saints to embark on this grand assignment together. If you are reading this now, please consider that perhaps God is calling you to join us in this way. Our stateside team works hard to steward the resources entrusted to us with the utmost care and integrity. We are also committed to providing consistent, exclusive (for security purposes) communications to our financial partners through our bi-monthly Partners Dispatches. Upon becoming a partner you will receive immediate access to this portal of connection.


We are so thankful for the various pastors, churches, and ministries that God has connected us with throughout the years. It is a beautiful and biblical thing to see this kingdom camaraderie established. Our desire is to develop long term alliance with leaders, churches, and ministries. However, we are not content to just receive, we want to be a blessing and encouragement to you as well. Whether you are a ministry that has supported us already or are considering linking arms with us, we want to connect with you. If you are interested in developing a relationship with us or would like a member of our team to come and share with your ministry, please reach out to Stephen Struebing, Director of Development.